Airgap Fairphone without WiFi / Cellular

is it possible to completely AirGap a Fairphone (regardless if it is a Fairphone 4 or 5).
The requirement is to at least remove any WiFi / Bluetooth / Cellular module, maybe even remove the speakers and microphones.

Has anybody done it already? Or can someone recommend alternatives?


Welcome to the forum.

All basic wireless functions should be on the main SoC to my knowledge. So the best you could do would be to disconnect the antennas. Removing speakers and mics might be somewhat easier, even though I’m not exactly sure how the mics are connected to the rest.

Maybe you could explain in more detail what you’re actually looking for? What would be left after the procedures you seek does not seem like a usable device to me. Maybe you need something in a totally different category.

I am looking for Android devices that would make sense to use with crypto wallets (e.g. That way we would have the good UX of a smartphone combined with the security of an airgapped device.


Maybe the schematics of FP5 can be helpful: Have you seen the schematics for the Fairphone 5?