Agenda app starting hour of the day

I’m using the standard agenda app from android build 4.2.2. I can set the startday of the week but all my days start at 0:00 hours (midnight) what is very irritating since my appointments are after 8AM. Is there a way to let the agenda jump to 8AM when opening it or set it as starthour of the day?

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My first guess would be to look in the setting of that app.
That said, I have no idea about what app you talk. Not sure if I’m the only one, but in case others are also wondering, cloud you please add a link to the app on GooglePlay or f-droid or to the website of the app? Maybe someone else who also uses the app can then help you better…

I can’t find this setting either in the default calendar app, so maybe it’s just not possible (in fact, it hardly offers any settings). You could try an alternative calendar app. For example, I use aCalendar, which definitely offers this setting.

With two fingers I have made the white space between the hours bigger, so that my screen it shows the hours from 10AM till 10PM. Perhaps this works for you to.