After Update to 21.12.0-rel.1 no more data

After updating to 21.12. I have no data-Internet. The Wifi works partly, not to install apps, but for surfing in the internet. But the Data-switch always turns of after 10sec. Bevore the update evereything worked well.
Can someone help. Thank you.

I recommend using search Search results for 'no data connection #help:fairphone2' - Fairphone Community Forum and checking the APN setting (which is probably gone or wrong).


Hi Daniel63 and welcome to the community forum.

As Volker says, you’ll need to make sure your APN (Access Point Name) settings are those indicated by your phone network operator. Search their site for “APN” and “data connection” to find the correct settings. It might be helpful for us to know which operator you are using.

Read on this forum for how to change the settings or create a new APN if necessary. Post back here if you need any more help.

Please specify what is working and what is not working, if you need help with this.


Thank you for your answers. The network operator is Swisscom and we checked the APN, they are correct.
With wifi we can surf in the internet and check mail, but not install new apps or update them. Also the playstore can not be updated.
Thanks for further help!9

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Is there probably a problem with the softkeys too? Only the arrow working for example?


Yes, only the to the left arrow works. Thanks for help!

That’s a common problem, that strikes some FP2 from time to time. The only solution is a factory reset.


How did I deserve that… :slight_smile:

I was asking that too, when my FP2 was hit by this bug a while ago.
But meanwhile I wasn’t using it as a daily driver anymore, so i go over it :wink:.

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So a software problem of some sort ? The ROM gets corrupted maybe ?

Don’t forget to #backup before you do the reset!

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