After update, swype doesn't work anymore!

Hi, I just updated my fairphone, and almost everything is fine. But I cannot use swype anymore to write mails or sms. Before the update, it just worked (I didn’t have to install an app or anything, it was already on the fairphone).
As I hate typing, I really want swype back! Does anybody have an idea what to do? That would be great!

You need to reinstall Google Apps to use Swype.


Thank you! that was quick and solved my problem.
too bad though, i hoped i could stay google-free this time…

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I just wanted to clarify you are talking about the “swiping”–functionality of the Google Android Keyboard.

Swype is a specific app and was the first one to integrate “swiping” to write words, which was later adopted by Google and others.

@diekath Yeah, @ben is right, of course. You could get Swype through evozi, e.g., and stay Google-free.

I looked. Swype is a payed app, so you can’t get it through evozi and the light version is just a 30 day trial or so.

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If you just wan’t to stay away from the Google Apps, you can buy Swype via Amazon App Shop for around 80cents:

EDIT: Reading the comments there, you maybe should not do this. Users complain the Version on Amazon is not updated as thoroughly as the Google Play Version.


Just for the record, while I can recommend the functionality of Swype, which is much better than swyping via the AOSP keyboard, the privacy policy of this particular app has a serious issue.
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If you use XPrivacy, you will notice that this app accesses location information, and sends it to Nuance’s servers. They claim that this helps to ‘improve the functionality’. While I appreciate the intention, it’s not as easy to “opt out” of this as I would want, hence I rely on XPrivacy (and \root) once more.


Thank you! I this surely is interesting to several users. Is the Google Keyboard any better in that aspect?

I am very content with TouchPal X, which also support swiping.

Free and a download link on the website to get the APK outside any app store:

I have Dutch, English, and Swedish keyboards installed, and am happy with the ‘resize keyboard’ option so on my tablet I have a smaller than regular keyboard (enormous keys are useless) than on my phone.

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This is getting off topic. Anyway: since Google is accessing your location anyway to provide it’s services (i.e., News and Weather), this does not really matter, does it? :wink: However, from the XPrivacy usage data, I would assume that the Google AOSP Keyboard does not access location data.

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