After update battery problem

after the update battery life is very short.
mayby there are settings changed because of the update?
does anybody has the same?


There are many possible reasons for battery problems and I’m sure the update is at the most a trigger.

Please read the Battery Guide and see if any of the problems and solutions relate to you. Especially make sure your battery is not starting to bloat.


I have a huge music library on my SD (exceeding 120 GB) and after an update and the necessary reboot of the Fairphone, the MUSIC app always needs to restart reading the whole music library which in my case usually eats at least 20-30% of battery energy once.


I am facing the same problem, need to charge my phone twice as often. Very weird

I found out that sreenbrightnes was set on max . after I set it down like it was, my batteryprobkem is solved

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I have the same problem too, the battery level is going down quicker than before this update.


I haven’t done the latest update yeat, but I had the same problem after the last two updates. When I swiched the phone off and took the battery out then put it back in and restarted the phone, it went back to normal. Hope it helpes!

I seem to have the same problem, though I am not sure if it is related to the update or not. My phone pretends to be loaded (e.g. around 40%) and then suddenly warns me that the battery is low (15%) and then shuts off within a couple of minutes. Solution to fix this would be highly appreciated.

@monaxopaidi Those symptoms sound like the battery itself may be failing. Check the instructions in A little Guide to … Fairphone’s Battery (FP1 / FP1U) on how to test for a bloated battery (first item under ‘Problems and Solutions’).

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I had this problem only once after the update, thenafter it behaved normally (as before).

try to let the FP drain the battery completely to 0% until FP switches off by itself.
Plug it into the charger and charge to at least 80% while not switching on the FP in one run.

Check, if the behaviour has changed!
And consider a defective or bloated battery

Cheers, Robert