After the installation of a second SIM the FP2 doesn't work anymore

I have got my FP2 in January and got to replaced it in Mai. Off course I have got some smaller issues later on, but not serious ones. I have used it with a Vodafone SIM, which I changed later on to a “CallYa” tariff only for talking and sending SMS, without internet. This all functioned without problems.
Now I have bought a “LIDL Connect” Card with “SMART XS” tariff. And the disaster started.
I tied to get the two cards running, but it didn’t work. I am not able to send nor to receive calls, no internet connection and no WiFi connection anymore. Both cards are shown at the SIM card menu and it looks all o. k. with them (the older one doesn’t show its phone number, but this it didn’t do from the beginning, the newer one shows name (“LIDL Connect”) and number). I also interchanged the cards.
After it didn’t work with both cards, wether single nor together, I disabled one of it, later I tried it with only one card installed, but it didn’t work again.
To test one of the cards I took the Vodafone card into an old simple phone and it worked properly.
Does anybody have an idea what could be wrong - with my Phone?

What do the signal icons in the bar at the top of the screen look like?

WiFi: on, Bluetooth: off, net (LIDL Connect): on, flight mode: off.
(When only the LIDL card is at the phone).
The Phone is rooted, OS is 16.09.0
Something else interesting?

Ah, sorry, I meant the the triangle shaped indicators that normally show up in the row with the battery icon and clock.

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These I described,
from the left:
blootuth (not shown when out), WiFi, net 1 (Lidl Connect), net 2 (crossed out), battery, and clock at the right.
If I switch on ‘flight mode’, only the plane and battery are shown.

So Wifi is showing as connected (as is the LidL connect SIM card), but you can’t use the connections? Have you installed any permissions managers/firewalls at any point, or deinstalled any system apps?

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I am using XPrivacy. I am just switching off some modules there and will tell you, if I achieve something.

First I tried it to switch off XPrivacy modules step by step, but without success. Then I uninstalled XPrivacy completely. And now the FP2 works again, in the moment with only one SIM card. But it should with two as well.
Next step is to install XPrivacy again and find out, which module caused my problem.

And lots of thanks to Johannes, who asked the right questions!!!

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