After reset: I can't connect a contact to owner/user

I reset my phone to FP Open OS 16.11. and restored a lot of my apps. I sync my contacts with DAVDroid an use 2 SIM cards (private/work).
I have myself as a contact, with both SIM numbers in my phone.
I press the Owner icon, and then “Weitere Einstellungen”

If I then click on “Ich (Owner)” the message “This contact does not exist” appears.

In all my previous installation, my FP2 always found me.

Hi, I am using the same OS, my calendar is ‘aCalendar’ and I can call myself under ‘ich’. But I remember that I did have the same problem some time before. But that seems to be independent from the used OS. If you go to your address app and there you open the address ‘ich’, do you see your data there?

I’m using the same OS with CalDAV, too. I remember, that sometime I had 2 contacts for myself, one with all my data and one for “owner” (ich) with my tel nr. Don’t recall what I have done … maybe joined both contacts? Don’t now anymore. But now there is only one contact for myself and the user icon doesn’t show “owner” but my name.

I’m not in my contacts. The phone wants me to create a new contact.

But how do I combine them?

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