After reboot, 1.1.1970?!

i have a faulty app that may cause kernel panics.
aftwr one reboot i noticed connection and certification issues before realising the phone’s time and date where set to unix timestamp zero.
now quite often i boot the phone only to notice its again reset…


did you take out the battery to restart your phone? If yes, it could be that the internal battery (which is on the mainboard) does not work properly or is empty.
The internal battery is necessary for the internal clock. Usually the clock is set to the correct settings after syncing with the network. Before this happend you will receive certificate and other warnings…

What Fairphone Operating System are you using ? I wonder if you are another victim of a well known bug (at least) in the open version of FP OS:

yes, im using open os.

at one point i did, but i happens even when shutting down from the menu or through an app when i start charging

If you have further questions please continue in the bug topic linked above