After FPOOS 22.02 upgrade, wifi connection breaks continuously


I installed FPOOS 22.02 (which I think is wonderful in principle).

Since then, the FP2 looses it’s wifi connection every other minute. When looking at the wifi network list, my local router changes status from “saved” to “connecting” to “connected” to “saved” to… After a while, I get a notification saying

Wifi watchdog triggered
wifi fixed after restart

But wifi still is not available… If needed, I can provide the debug log, but it’s big.

I learnt that reinstalling misbehaving apps fixed them (thanks, Yvonne!), but what do I need to reinstall for wifi :frowning:

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Do you have any idea what is triggering this notification? Do you use anything like Netguard to regulate/block Internet connections?

What router do you use? Are 2.4 and 5Ghz seperate SSDIs? Is it only with 1 or all networks?

I would start with deleting the Router in the FP2 and reconnect or even reset all network conncetions (just make a note of your APN before you do that).

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actually, no idea. No Netguard running (but installed). The frequency of the issue has dropped dramatically - I see it once in a few days, so I would consider it “self-healing”…


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