After FPOOS 22.02 upgrade, SMS native app does not see contacts (native app)

I have just upgraded the FP2 from FPPOS 21 to 22.02 and I use native contacts & sms apps.
Before operation, I saved contacts in vcf file and imported this file back after upgrade.

I have verified all the permissions, everything seems OK, but the SMS app does not show contact name in the sms list, for the new received sms.

Strangely, the notification bullet shows the contact name !
Any idea is welcome to fix this.


can you please clarify whether you mean that no contacts are shown on this screen in the messaging app?

And are you using Fairphone Open (“sibon”) or Fairphone OS (with Google Apps)?

Thanks for response.
With FPOOS I mean Open OS aka “sibon”, without google apps.
The versions of apps are:

  • : 1.0.001
  • : 1.7.31
    The problem is not when composing SMS, but when receiving SMS : the name of the contact (if exists) is shown in the notification bullet, but not in the list of the conversations, which shows only the phone number. So its a bit annoying to find the good conversation to send a SMS response, by example. Strangely, for the contacts created after the upgrade, it seems to work. But not for the contacts saved before the upgrade and restored after the upgrade by vcf file (these contacts shows correctly in the contacts app, though).