After fall, Fairphone screen doesn´t show anything

Hey Guys,

my fair phone just fell down. Even tough the screen is physically not broken it is just black. I´m not sure if it is enough to just switch the display or if the processor also needs to be removed. Is there a fair phone repair service who can analyze the issues of my fairphone?

Maybe it’s just the connection.
Try taking the display off, cleaning the contacts and reassembling the phone.
Hopefully that helps.
If you want to know how to disassemble the display:


  • I can’t remove the display

Hmm, thank you for the advice. Yes I did that. Today it also booted again, but it doesn´t react to any touch, which it still did immediately after the fall.

You can check the Fairphone Community Map to see if there is a group of Angels near you:

Or check out the other #localcommunities. If any of these groups is near you I’m sure they can help you test your screen and other modules to find out what needs to be replaced.

For a bit more explanation ;):
An angel could help you check the phone and locate the source of the error, e.g. by swapping the display or other modules.

Hmm, no there is no angel close by. Can I send them my smartphone or do they expect that I´m personally present?

I also submitted a request on monday morning so far no reply. This is getting really annoying as I`m dependent on a smartphone. I mean this is a service fairphone can charge money for. I know that this is not the idea behind fairphone, but that would definetly become a reason that my next phone won´t be a fairphone and I own a fairphone since 2013.

Give support a call. That way your request will be handled much faster.

I guess, you could send it to an angel, but that would of course take some time and logistics.
So I guess calling support like Paula suggested should be the fastest way.

Of course you might try to locate someone near you willing to help by opening a thread like “Help needed in the area of …” so someone near you could contact you per pm.

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