After changing the sim card with new phone number SOME apps can not connect with the internet anymore..?

Hi, I changed my sim card with a new phone number. However after having done that, some apps (a lot) give a warning that they can not connect with the internet anymore (regardless whether it is trough WIFI or trough the telecomprovider. The browsers however still work, but the email program does not work (as well as my app for parking tickets and my app for charging my electrical car).

How to fix this?



Can the apps access the internet through WiFi, when the SIM card is out of the phone?

PS: Sounds a bit like something is blocking ports (the SIM?).

How can the sim block ports? And, still some apps still work, like the browser. So what can I try or do?

Just something to try, you never no if it will do the trick.
Take your SIM card out, and wipe it perhaps it needs cleaning.

You could answer my question… :wink:

It doesn’t have to be the SIM itself, which blocks ports (which was a shot into the wild BTW), but some app which reacts to the SIM in a special way.

In order to give more advice, I’d like to narrow the problem down with your answers.

sorry, missed your question. If I remove the sim, the apps don’t work also, but the browser does. So it is not the sim!

one thing i notice is that the lines of the wifi strength are grey and not white. So which setting is wrong?

You write that you have a new phone number. Maybe these are apps where you had to register with your phone number and since it changed, they can’t identify you anymore (like Whatsapp). Maybe changing your registration information at every service could help.
Well, and just for completeness, is your “Privacy Impact” enabled?

Do you use any firewalls, ad blockers, security apps, or other apps that could restrict internet usage?

I do use avast.

Apparently Avast features a firewall, so the fastest way to determine, if it blocks the apps, would be to disable this firewall for an instance and see if apps get internet connection.

thanks. I had to do a factory reset to get rid of avast. But that did the trick!