After Android 10 update: Notification symbols on the status bar only partly visible

Notification symbols (e.g. the “M” for incoming Gmails) are not completely displayed anymore on the status bar after the Android 10 update. The symbols look truncated. Can anybody comment on this ? Is there a solution, e.g. a setting issue ?

Could you post a screenshot? I’m not completely sure about what you mean.

Here a screenshot. The “M” on the status bar next to the time is truncated. Same applies for SRF news notifications on the status bar.

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This looks like a bug. Indeed, it is a bit strange.

(Btw., it’s not an M, but a envelope :wink:)

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Just an elaborate guess: Carrier name too long (but a bug anyway)

I have this issue too.
One possible workaround: disable the displaying of the network name: Settings -> Display -> Advanced -> Network name


Great, disabling the network name in the status bar works ! Glad to hear that I’m not the only one with this issue. Thanks a lot for your input !


If I may add, I also downloaded (from the App store) a little tool called “System UI Tuner”, which gave access to a menu that configures the status bar. It can disable individual icons and the battery percentage, which may free up some more pixels.

Doesn’t it come with android 10? Under LOS 17.1 on my FP2 I have quite a few status bar customization options. But it’s maybe LOS specific or not implemented in FPOS.

I remember having had this on my FP2, too, yes, but could not find it anywhere on Android 9 at least; after some googling it said the menu got removed, and everyone was pointing to the play store.

If anyone knows the secret handshake, though, how to get there on Android 10 let me/us know :slight_smile:

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