Advice for reinstalling OS? [solved]

I’ve been having problems with my FP2 freezing/crashing/restarting for years now. Lots of people seem to have had the same issue since the update to Nougat, and I’ve seen several bugtracker entries with similar symptoms:

The general advice is Factory Reset / re-install OS. I’m keen to try it, but I know it involves connecting the phone to a PC. My FP2 never stays connected to my PC for more than 2 minutes. It has disconnected/reconnected 7 or 8 times while I’ve been typing this.

IF the constant disconnecting is a hardware-related issue, I’m worried that I’ll end up bricking my phone by trying to reinstall the OS. Does anyone have any advice?


The disconnecting issue sounds like a faulty bottom module to me, so exchanging that might solve it.

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That’s what I was worried about.

Embarrassingly, I’ve just dug a very short Micro-usb cable out of a drawer… and it seems to connect it the FP2 to the PC without problems. I guess the longer cables I use to charge it are all getting a bit knackered without me realising.

Thanks for your help, Paula. Looks like this isn’t a FP issue!


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