Adoptable Storage drives me mad - indicated free/opcupied space does not make sense

Hello there,
I had to replace my SDcard what I used as Adoptable Storage. I simply ejected it, assuming that all data on the SDCard is moved to internal but what happened only partial. Looks like that app data in Android/data was moved but anything in DCIM, Downloads, Documents etc is gone but luckily I made a backup in Recovery (TWRP 3.3.0). Next time I follow 6.0 marshmallow - My adoptable storage is full. How can I move the data to a bigger MicroSD card? - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange.

Once I inserted the new SDcard I migrated the data again. During this process, the progress bar jumped from 80 to 20 and to 80 per cent again several times and used storage on the SSCard was less than before but I didn’t care. Later I came across some strange things. WhatsApp wasn’t able to open/store images, screenshots failed to be saved (can’t save screenshot due to limited storage device) furthermore I was curious where e.g. the offline maps are stored as there isn’t that much space occupied on the SDCard

So I did some checks and figured out that the used storage figures in settings are non-sense, see below:

  1. All storage

  2. internal -> 14 GB other Apps and sum only nearly 23 GB

  3. external -> sum is 5 GB instead of 4 GB and Apps is empty

  4. DroidExplorer - recovery -> seems like that internal and external are matching expect pictures

    1. data\media\0\pictures\screenshots
    2. sdcard\pictures\screenshot same as \external_sd\media\0\pictures\screenshot

Furthermore, I noticed that why I boot into recovery, the SDCard isn’t recognised anymore in when booting back into System. I have to remove and reinsert for fully functional system&apps

By the way, what is the difference between choosing Internal Storage or External Storage in the mount menu of TWRP

I made similar experiences. To make it short. The adoptalbe storage is just crap.
I soon will back up my data and reformat my SD Card as external storage again. That is way more uncomplicated.

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that :weary::exploding_head::scream:
are u unrooted? How to you move apps to the ext SDCard or ensure otherwise that user data /cache is installed on it?

With an SD card as external storage … you don’t do this at all.
You live with 32GB of phone storage for everything that needs to be in Internal Storage and you are otherwise happy you avoided a real pitfall as is proven in this forum time and again.

As your use case included …

OsmAnd for instance, while being installed as an App in Internal Storage, lets you set the directory for its additional data (including offline map data), and you can set it to the external SD card, too.

On the downside, an external SD card will not be available to Android’s encryption, as it is not part of the data partition. But there is a possible alternative to that, too.

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I haven’t given up yet.

I did some test it looks like that the new SDcard is faulty, it cannot be used as Adoptable Storage. Each time I’m using it, the phone loses it after one hour at the latest. The only way to resolve it, is to remove and reinsert it.

So I inserted my old one, with corrupted sectors, what works like as expected, so I can exclude the phone as a troublemaker.

I reckon the old and bad SDcard caused a mess in the storage allocation, as there were many red lines about bad sectors when I flashed an update in recovery.
Even when migrating data space calculation didn’t follow exactly.
The only things to resolve it is:

  1. warranty claim, hoping the new one works. I have the Sandisk SDSQXA2 – GN6MA Extreme 64 GB microSDXC Memory Card and SD adapter Up To 160 MB/s, U3/A2

  2. clean install of LOS but how to backup?

    1. system -> my only concern is wifi password, I could back up the wpa_supplicant.conf and maybe edit again after flash. All done via recovery (and DroidExplorer)
    2. contacts, SMS, Apps, media/files -> MyPhone Explorer, done via the recovery
    3. App setting of apss what are not cloud based ?

Last but not least I would like to know what difference it makes choosing one of those options grafik


  1. new SD card will arrive on Wednesday

  2. Backup: I found
    Backup Tools for FP OS
    Creating a backup of user data using TWRP community edition
    Beste Backup-Lösung für Open OS?
    so I would say that only ADB allows me to backup app data on per-app basis. Is there any guide how to that easily?

replaced the SC card but same story.
Seems this type (SanDisk Extreme® microSDXC™ UHS-I) is incompatible.

May I try another model but which?

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