adjust alarm clock function

Hi guys

I’ve had my fp4 for a few days now and so far I’m very happy, just one thing is bugging me. When I turn off my smartphone in the evening then the alarm function no longer works, why? I mean this function was already over 20 years ago on Uralt Nokia’s and Co. and also my last smartphone (Huawei P20) had this function. PLEASE urgently patch this problem!!!

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Every smartphone I had so far did not do any alarms when turned off. I never had a Huawei, though. So maybe they did something special there.

There should be a simple workaround, though: You could put the phone into airplane mode for the night instead of completely turning it off. Alarms should still work in that case.
If this is not an option for you, then please explain why you need to turn it off in more detail.

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This is interesting because for me it is just the other way around. I never had a phone before which not offer that function. I know I can switch into airplane mode but for me and my wife it is important to reduce electricity smok in our sleeping room. That’s reason why I think this is an important function for every smartphone.
Hope that helps to understand my point of view?

But that doesn’t make a big difference. A phone, which can start an alarm, when switched off, isn’t switched off completely. It stays in a standby mode, and is still working.
So switching to airplane mode is not far from this standby function.


Without digging deeper into this belief I’ll just say that even if this did exist: Turning on Airplane Mode would pretty much stop all emissions from your phone anyway. The fact is: To function as an alarm clock your phone has to be “on” to some degree or be woken up by some standby functionality at the right time.

The information from this article suggests that it has been a feature in some phones but it has gotten pretty rare. An additional statement I found from Samsung:

  • your Samsung Android device cannot activate any alarm you have set on it if the device is turned off.
  • The device must be turned on to activate the alarm in your Samsung Smart Phone.

So to sum up: I’d not count on it to work on many modern phones. If this is an important feature for you, then you can of course try to #contactsupport with your feature request. This community forum will not be able to implement it for you in any case.

As a practical solution without real downsides I still suggest the Airplane Mode.


Thank you guys for taking your time to think about that! And of course, your arguments make sense to me - and I can not say why but for my personal feeling I would feel much better with the opportunity to do that, but that is probably just a mental thing.