Adding phone numbers to contact list

How can I add a new contact and their phone number to the contact list on my Fairphone 2 without having to save it to an email account as well? I just want a list of phone numbers on my phone not saved to other accounts. This used to be possible but the latest upgrade seems to have removed this facility. I want to choose what I save to my email accounts, not have to be forced to do this.

I believe what you mean is that you’re choosing an “account” to save the contact to. This has nothing to do with an email address but it is a synchronisation account for restoring it e.g. when you’re changing the phone later. It is possible to save the contact to the local phone storage when you’re installing an app which creates a local storage sink, e.g. with “Simple Contacts Pro” from “Simple Mobile Tools” (which unfortunately is no longer free on Google Play), or use it from F-Droid.


Alternatively, disable “Google Contacts Sync” in Settings → Apps → … → Show System.

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