Adding an app to the home screen of FPOS

Hm, with the latest update K-9 vanished from my home screen on my FP2 with Fairphone Open OS. I seem unable to put it back where it belongs. Most internet tipps on how to add an app to the home screen seem not to work (tap und hold the empty space, or tap and hold the app in the app listing), and I can’t remember how I did the last time. Any tipps?

  1. Open the App drawer
  2. Tap and hold the app
  3. Move slightly, the home screen should appear, and put it where you want to put it
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Thank you. No, nothing happens. And when I let go, K-9 just starts… When I move the finger, while holding, up or down, the drawer moves. When I move the finger, while holding, sideways, nothing happens at all.

So did remember right, it SHOULD have worked this way. But it did not.

I wanted to see whether Launcher3 had a problem, so I opened it’s settings (It’s just “allow home screen to rotate” and it was off), changed it, and this was faithfully executed. So at least Launcher doesn’t hang, but still, I couldn’t add K-9.

Then I rebooted Fairphone Open OS altogether, and voilà, now it works. BOTH tapping and holding the free space AND tapping and holding the app…


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