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Hi, nice to be here, I’m new, my name is Giacomo and happy to join this community.
On my fP4 happens that, if I create a website quick link on the home screen, after I switch off the phone and then switch on it, that link has disappeared.

Hi giacosilva and welcome to the community and the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Similar problems have been reported, though not often. You might like to have a look at this topic to see whether it might be the same bug.

If this seems to you to be the same problem, then we might merge your topic with the other one.

Which web browser(s) do you use?

Is the problem systematic - do your web shortcuts all disappear after every reboot?

Just note that we would mix up FP3 and FP4 by merging those 2 Topics…

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I agree Yvonne, but the bug is unlikely to be hardware-related, and may not be OS-related at model level. Could be a general A11 thing, or related to some app.
I’ll do some tests myself on FP3 and FP2 (/e/). Personally I have very few web shortcuts so am unlikely to have seen this before.

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