Add option to fix Android 13 Split-screen

Google has updated the split-screen system with android 13 and it prevents to keep a top app and navigate with the bottom app.

They did that to force people to buy Youtube Premium.
Please do something to make the splitscreen works like before. It really breaks my use of my phone…

We the user cant do that, so please contact Fairphone by contacting support. More infos here contactsupport


What do you mean ? I can scroll in both apps when in splitting screen.

On a FP3!? Just to mention that not everything is neccesarily the same on FP3,4,5 with Android 13…

It’s a very common complain about android 13.
Before Android 13 you can switch easily the app at bottom of the screen.

I wanted to know if there is any way to have like it use to be.

FP3, indeed.

P.S. : I need to write more than 20 characters.

I am sorry but could you simply explain what you would like to do ? You can use YouTube at the top or the bottom in a browser for example and use the other app in the split.

Your links mention a problem in Android so there is no way Fairphone corrects this behaviour but we can maybe help you to mitigate its effect if you explain why you need to switch top and bottom app.

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Sorry, I will try to explain it better.
In all older versions since split-screen exists if you have youtube at top and chrome at bottom and then you want to open a messaging app while maintaining YouTube video open, you click “home” then you open messaging app from here and that’s it.

Now I must:

  1. swipe from middle to bottom to close split screen
  2. open recent apps
  3. click on app icon
  4. click on “split on top”
  5. select messaging app (if it’s in recent apps)

And if I want to go back to Chrome after that I must redo all steps.

I hope you understand my problem. I know it’s an Android problem but maybe there is any workaround that Fairphone could add or than a third party app could add.

I now understand. Thanks for the clarification.

Unfortunately, I believe only Google can help. But you can try to contact the contactsupport to ask for this feature.

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Is the only use case for this to listen to YouTube videos in the background? Then use NewPipe.

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Yes, it’s one of the use cases and one of the solution is using NewPipe.

I just don’t understand which way this new “split-screen” functionnality must be use.

If it’s not “keep your player on the top and use your phone on bottom” I don’t really understand.
I suppose it’s developed for tablets more than mobiles.

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