Add/Change font on FP3

I would like to change the default font in my FP3 (also changing to custom font).
I browsed the web for a sokution without success.
I don’t like to root my phone because, as I understand, doing it would prevent me from getting the next OS updates.

The 3rd party launcher I use has no font customization option; BTW I am looking for a non-root solution which applies system-wide.

The FP3 settings allow to change the font style, but there is no way to select or adding fonts.
IMHO, Font customization should be available in any modern UI.

Do you have any hints or suggestions?

Android only allows you to resize the font.
If you have a Google account you can go to
Android Help -
Font and display size -
give feedback

I use Smart Launcher. Here I can change the font of the interface.



Thanks @UweER. I had a quick look to Smart Launcher, but I removed it before checking, when it asked me to send them the list of installed apps (privacy concern).

Other vendors offer the font change feature through their stock launcher.
I wish this feature is added to FP.

And adapting the font size through the settings is not want you search for?

You should tell Fairphone your wish directly.
Submit a request

No, I am looking for a font face change.

I issued a support request.

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The FP support told me what I already know.
Basically, that I can look for a launcher with font customization support in the App Stores.

I remarked and renewed my request for a system-wide custom font feature.

I miss this feature I had on my previous phone (Honor 8 w/ EMUI, for the record), the one I had before (a ZenFone w/ ZenUI) and my very first smartphone (a low end LG, this was rooted, so I added my fav font in the system by myself). I know other major brands offer this through their stock UX apps).

It’s my smartphone. I wish it lasts for years. I want it looks how I like.

I know, it’s my planet and I’d like it to look how I like, but hey there’s a lot of people, with power to make changes I don’t like.

Even the rabbits mess with my environment and I mess with theirs.

OH! Nova launcher, which I use, doesn’t help :frowning:

The analogy does not fits for me, and I don’t get the point.

I am just expressing my opinion, my need and concerns. What I can tell for sure is that I would like this feature (1 user over a total user amount which I don’t know). I am aware this could never ever been added.
I am sharing this in case others find it useful or just agree or disagree. I think this is one of the goal of a community forum. Not trying to convince anyone, just expressing my view. If it gets momentum (I don’t think it will in this specific case) it can come in handy for the user base, the product makers, the developers.


Manpreet Singh

May 26, 2021

If you have been using Android for a while, you might know that the mobile operating system offers many customization options. However, there’s one thing that Android lacks – Font customization.

Unless you are using a rooted device, you can’t directly change fonts on Android.

Yes and no. ‘Yes’ because I know you have to root your device to write fonts on the system partition.
‘No’ because other makers let you add community themes with custom fonts on non-rooted devices.
In my previous Honor 8, I tweaked a theme package, I installed it, and my fav font was used by the entire phone (exepts for those apps that embeds their own fonts for branding). The default font was my selection everywhere. To uncover all my cards, this was with Android 8.1, I don’t know it still is with Android 10 and later.

Well, I miss the details here (I’m a coding enthusiast but not a pro) but if they do, it means it possible.
I can take as an answer “I will not do it”. I can’t buy, so far, " it’s unfeasible " as an answer.

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