Adb root better then superuser

I was just reading the post from 2016 about allowing the google version of the phone to be rooted or not (Fairphone’s approach to root on the Fairphone 2). What I prefer is a phone which allows adb root access. I think this does not break the android security model, and allows the owner to modify more things.

I don’t know about superuser, but the root that comes with #software:fp-open gives you the option to allow root access only for apps, only for adb, or for both.
I think that’s pretty standard and the superuser root app probably has that option too.


Oh I was not talking about the open OS, I was talking about the google version.
I will change it in my post.

Which post are you talking about? Please link to it.

I’m guessing this one:

I know, but I’m saying that the superuser app surely has the same option. In fact I just read that post and it says to install this root manager and I have used this one in the past and know that it has that option.

So if you want root for just ADB you can easily make it so.

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I’m talking about Fairphone’s approach to root on the Fairphone 2

For “adb root” only a flag in the file build.prop is necessary (

Oh that. Well it’s not a decision Fairphone can make without loosing G%§$e’s official support, so if you want root - no matter if for ADB or for apps - you’ll have to switch to Open OS or root the device yourself.

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I have 2 android tv boxes, both have adb root, one has SU root. Both habe google apps on board.
Nvidia shield has an official developer firmware with adb root.

I don’t know about TV boxes, but G%§$e definitely doesn’t support Android phones that have root.
I’m no expert here, but I don’t think it makes a difference to them whether it’s just for ADB or not. So unless you hear a contradicting statement from Fairphone (for direct questions contact them via support) this case is closed.

I’ll set this topic to auto-close soon unless new info comes to light.

It sound like Chinese devices. Google Mobile Apps on those devices are probably illegaly distributed. Illegaly = Google has no control.

About the Nvidia thing, you just said it: developer firmware.

Google dislikes root. Official software with root and GMS? Not gonna happen, sorry.


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