ADB 1.0.32 without writing permission?

When I want to copy a file via adb to my FP2 I get this:
'adb push test /Download
failed to copy ‘test’ to ‘/Download’: Read-only file system’
When I want to copy a file/directory from my FP2 to my PC I get the error: ‘no such file’

I don’t have any problems to copy files and directories via ftp and wireless lan. But saving a 1,4 GB system backup this way takes very long.

Any ideas what the reason could be and what I could do?

Fairphone Open 17.03.0
Kubuntu 14.04

The default download folder isn’t in the root filesystem, which is read only. If I recall correctly, the default path is /sdcard/Download.

Quoting my other post (slight modifications):

The root filesystem / comes the ramdisk embedded in the boot image. You cannot write that by default because it’s mounted read-only (ro). If you really want to write to that filesystem (you probably don’t want to), you can remount it as read-write with mount -o rw,remount /. And you normally don’t need to write to the root filesystem as changes are only temporary until the next boot.

/sdcard/Download that works. Thanks, Johannes. And I think I understood what you mean, z3ntu.

This file system is quite bewildering. My file manager names three kinds of pathes, two of them are identical:
Location Path: Main Storage/Download
File System Path: /storage/emulated/0/Download
Real Path: /storage/emulated/0/Download

If /sdcard/folder is the path that works for adb, what is it for the external sdcard than?

Is there any wiki where this is described/explained? I couldn’t find any.

Yes, the Android file system is a chaos between legacy and innovation. (don’t take this from a technical point:) Your ext4 filesystem “emulates” a fat filesystem for applications to use, has a thousand compatibility symlinks and a ton of partitions that are at least not publicly documented what they should be used for.

The “real” sdcard is most of the times /storage/sdcard1/ but that can also differ in different Android roms. And for example in TWRP it’s often /external_sd/.

Thanks, /storage/sdcard1/worked. I am going to test /external_sd/ in TWRP later.

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