Adaptive brightness too light too often after new display

Since the update (and factory reset) I had to do so my new display would work the adaptive brightness doesn’t work as well as before.

It seems to always go back to normal light when

  • switching app
  • opening a new window in app
  • switching on the phone or touching it to prevent it from blackening
  • and even when only backing!!
    Then, it gets very light before the screen goes back into dark mode.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

Double-Tapping on the screen makes it bright light every time for around 10 seconds or so. But this is not what causes your trouble for the action items you have listed?

Thanks for your answer, but unfortunately, that is not it. For example when I am in the settings and just backing to the list before, it gets light. Or when I open the comment-thread on facebook. Or when switching apps…

Like this?

Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, that is not the issue, it is no unnormal light, just the lighter version of the screen.
The phone should be light, when it is light around, but turn darker when there is less light around. Since I have the new screen, that doesn’t work well, it turns to the “daylight-light” when switching apps, opening windows, backing, choosing another window, for example in the settings… Every time I go one step further or back in the path, it gets light a few seconds before it returns to the lower-light. :-/

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