Adaptive brightness level is too sensitive while recording video

I’m quite often using the video recording function of the camera app and found the videos are mostly poor in quality. The main reason is, that the adaptive brightness level is kind of over adjusting while recording. I.e. when the brightness is too low its increased too much which leads to a following decrease. Due to that, the brightness in the resulting video always goes up and down. The perception of this effect could be best described as a slow flickering.
When the brightness goes up, it sometimes occurs that some bright parts of the image get completely white and there is no structure visible on these parts.
It happens mainly indoors or under low light conditions.
I’ve tried different camera apps like the preinstalled one, Open Camera, Focal. The result is always the same.
I’ve observed the same behaviour when using the camera for photos. This sometimes results in pictures with an excessive brightness, where the white parts occur again.

This issue is probably connected to the insights of this post.

This is probably a software problem, or may there be a wrong configuration somewhere? Do you have any hints how to avoid this behaviour? Is there any camera app or a workaround which can handle it better?

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