Adaptive brightness activates on it own after being manually deactivated

I have manually deactivated the Adjusted Brightness multiple times and it seems to randomly reactive for no obvious reason.

Same here. It makes me sad that I planned to use this for the next 8 years :sweat_smile: I noticed also that at low environmental light, the auto dimming goes up and down. It reacts to it’s own brightness.

Report this to support please.

I normally have adaptive brightness enabled, will try to keep disabled.

Is it possible its enabled after a reboot, or also without that?

Reg. adjustment when enabled please follow-up in this topic.

Ok I will.
No. I have not rebooted the phone.

Reg. adjustment when enabled please follow-up in this topic.

Could you elaborate? I am not sure I understand.

I would not say that this makes it impossible to continue using the phone. All the phones I have ever bought had issues, none were perfect or with no defects.
This is probably a minor software issue that will probably be easy to fix. It might be a bit annoying, but it is hardly a deal-breaker.

I ask you to stay on topic here and discuss the other issue in the corresponding topic.

I had disabled adaptive brightness and it did not got enabled by itself neither after a reboot.

Is it possible you enable it when pulling down the quick settings menu?

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I have submitted a ticket. I will provide an update when I hear back from them.


I’m not sure if this discussion is about how the conversation over the phone comes across to the other person. But for the past month I have been having complaints as if I were in a cavernous room with an ultrasound. What can I change about this with the settings in the app?

I am not sure what you mean?
Firstly which app are you referring to? If you mean the:
Settings → Display → Adaptive Brightness → Use adaptive brightness
there is no solution. Either the app is bugged or the backend is bugged. Not sure which one. I am waiting to hear from support and the devs. I will post an update here when I do.

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Issues for me still there. Too dark and sometimes continuously adapting, like flickering, reacting to the light the screen is emitting.

After some back and forth with the service person, I was adviced to try to:

I have not had time to do either, but perhaps try it.
For now I just go and deactivate it whenever it resets.

I hope this helps.