Activity Logs in FP3+ for Troubleshooting


I have been considering getting FP3+ for myself when my current phone dies, but I am a bit worried about what if the phone starts rebooting, disconnecting, or whatever else could happen that is on my “must-do-and-can-not-live-without” list. For example, if it starts dropping calls or restarting, or dropping wifi, or other things that prevent me from doing my daily tasks.

Is it possible to have a text log of events that happen with the phone? Like if it restarts, connects, or disconnects from wifi, starts or finishes the call, etc. I would like to have a way to prove that if it happens that something is wrong with the phone, so when I send it back no one would say that they cannot reproduce it on their side. Or I would not have to film the phone and wait until it happens so then I would have proof of that.


There is a log option which is useful but if something is wrong it will not mean it is reproducible on another phone.

The general routine if something doesn’t work is to a) reset the OS to the default FP Android 10 and/or b) check all the modules are fitted tight.

You can in the first two weeks just sent the phone back without doing any checks on it :slight_smile:

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I do not think I need it to be reproducible on another phone. What I believe is nice to have in case if the phone misbehaves is the proof that X or Y happened. The problem might be that it drops 1 out of 15 calls or something that does not happen on the regular basis.

From what I understand the chances that something bad will happen after a couple of months is much(?) higher than during the first 2 weeks, so logging could be a good way to troubleshoot and maybe even try to figure out which of the modules is misbehaving, for example.

The general routines are OK, it is just it is more of a “hope for the best” situation instead of actually knowing what has happened.

Do you know what kind of information the log option includes? Do you have the option for level of logging or which events to log and which not?


I’ve never had to use the logs but it’s clearly not obvious and not particularly easy.

1.- Enable developer options: System -> about phone > build number (tap ten times)

2.- Enable USB Debug mode: System -> Advanced -> developer options -> USB debugging -> ON

then you can read and write to computer


You will likely require to log in as root to read the android log files.

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Interesting. You are right. It is not that trivial. Nevertheless, good to know. Thanks!

Just found, under [Developer options], a [bug report] option that looks simple enough :slight_smile:

Thanks. I will take a look.

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