Activate screen without power button

Yesterday I wanted to turn on the display while I was in a call. But when I pressed the powerbutton, the call was disconnected.
I already found out this was caused by an accessibility setting (power button ends call), so I turned that off.

However, this made me think, is one needs that setting for some reason, how would you activate the screen without the powerbutton? I vaguely remember an option where a double tap would wake the screen, but can’t find it now.

From what I know, double tap to wake is only offered for AoDs (Always on Displays). I take it that this is usually enabled only with OLED displays like the one on the Fairphone 5.

You might want to try an app like this though that allows similar functionality using the proximity sensor (have an eye on battery consumption though):

(Available on the Google Play Store, too)

Now this might conflict with the proximity sensor’s original purpose during a call, but perhaps the app allows differentiation in some way.

I think the display should turn on automatically once you take the phone away from your ear (triggered by the proximity sensor). Does this sensor work perfectly for you?

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No, it didn’t, is there a setting for that? ( I can’t find it)

Don’t think that there is a setting for that. Did you check if your priximity sensor works well?

A few options:

  • Set the fingerprint reader to work with just touching without clicking it
  • Install one of the many apps that add additional wake-up options
  • Use key remapper to add a function like “double click volume up to wake up the screen”
  • Connect an USB keyboard (maybe one like this one: GitHub - Dakkaron/Fairberry) and press any key on the keyboard
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Sounds good, how do I do that?

Settings → Security → Fingerprint unlock behaviour

The last point is one that FP added themselves and the naming doesn’t make much sense (“Fingerabdruck Entsperrverhalten”). I just translated that setting to English, so it might be called something completely different.

It’s the top toggle switch. It’s below “Fingerprint” and abvoe “Smart Lock”.

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