Accidently deleted screens how to restore?

Dear community,
I have an app-icon somewhat “glued” (=fixed) at the upper display edge, overlaying the delete button and I can´t move it. That created a new and more annoying problem: accidently I deleted the screen formats “all widgets and apps” and “most frequently used apps”. So there are 2 empty sreens now and no direct way to apps and widgets. How can I restore these 2 screen formats? And if you even could help with the initial problem, the “glued” (sticked, fiexed) icon? That would be great.
Thanks for your help, petra

What happens when you long press in an unused space on your home screen? Does a window open, which lets you go to the widgets page?

dear stefan,
no, pressing an empty window only leads to something to make a choice for the background screen. but the fairphone-guys directed me to something somehow helpful. I restored 50% of what I destroyed, but I come along. thanks anyway for your help!
regards petra

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