Accidentally ending phone calls with my face

I talk to a friend at night for a while. I feel silly, because while I’m laying in bed talking, I turn the phone off with my face. Oops!

Does anyone else end phone calls by accident? Is there a way to prevent this?

I tried speakerphone, but for some reason it is very quiet for me, even on max volume. Thanks for any tips!

Yes, i do regulary and i hate it :frowning: – i depends on how you hold the phone and if the sensor that should turn of the screen in such situations is covered. And works as it should. Sadly i found for me, FP1 sensor is not reliable or at the wrong place or i am simply holding it wrong. Whatever.

The only think that helps me is to remember to manually turn off the screen by pressing the power button as soon as i have a connection.


Like @ben already suggested this might be caused by the proximity sensor being very sensitive.
Maybe it would be an idea to use a call screen lock app?

The solution that @ben gives here, workes perfectly for me. As I have the same problem as @heyandy889.

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