Accidentally deleted home panel

Thinking I was just deleting one icon, I managed to delete the home panel. Is there any way to get it back?

What exactely do you mean by home panel? The standard screen is just an ordinary screen, populated with some app shortcuts. You can easily create a new one and put the icons back that you want to have on your home screen :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding, Moritz.

The Home panel is one of the three default panels described on p 7 of the User guide (in the Buttons, Icons, Panels and Menus section), and before I’d deleted it there were three dots to show that I had 3 panels. Now I only have 2 dots. The 2 panels I have are my Recent contacts, and one that has the Google search bar and 5 apps that I’ve installed - presumably what’s described as the Recent apps panel.

Any suggestions welcome! I’ve only had the FP 24 hours :disappointed: In all other respects it seems great, and this is my stupid fault, I’m sure.

Hi Sarah,
that shouldn’t be a big problem. Just create a new panel. you can do this by switching to the right-most panel, grab one of the apps (or put one there to begin with) and move it to the very right of the screen. A new panel will be created and your app will be placed there. Then, just swipe from right to left to get the side menu and select the “all apps” option. from there, just get all the apps you want and put them on your newly created panel. Finally, long-tap an empty field in the new panel and you will be able to move the panels around. Place your new panel inbetween the 2 existing ones and you should have your standard layout back :slight_smile:

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Move one app to the side and by itself it will create a new homescreen.
If you want the homescreens in a different order, just tap on the dots below in the homescreen and you will be able to switch the homescreens order.

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That’s brilliant, Moritz and Lidwien - I’ve got it all as I want it now. Very many thanks!