Accidental upgrade to a beta version of Android 7

After upgrading my phone to Android 7.1.2 I cannot call with the phone and I cannot reach my contacts and my messages. I get continually two failure codes: and android.process.core. These two codes do not allow you to find your SIM cards or make calls and receive texts. My requestnumber is 247504

Fairphone OSes 7.1.2 have not been released yet. There’s only a beta for internal testing with similar issues to those you comment.

How did you updated to it?


On my phone is an app with the name Updater. The was a message I had to update my operating system. I clicked to update.

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Without fiddling with the updater app (there’s ways of setting it to a “developer mode”), you’re not supposed to see this update. Even if you did, it’s been labelled Beta (up from Alpha last week… quite excited, that must mean the release is weeks away :-)). Are you sure this is the whole story? If it is, FP should know about it as others might run into the same issue.

Either way, best thing to do is manually re-install Fairphone OS 18.04.1.


OK I will try to re-instal OS 18.04.1

Make a backup first to your computer of all the data you have in the phone right now. You’ll probably lost all your data as there’s no way to downgrade a system seamlessly in any device.


Oh, wow.
I - obviously - will not tell how to enter that mode as well.
But in my opinion, it seems this can really be done accidentally.
Maybe it should be better protected?

Well, I’m sure it’s not really a secret…! You can accidentally enable this, but then you’re still presented with a beta version of a non-released OS that really is labelled “beta” and “pre-release”. Plenty of hooks to help people be responsible for themselves if I’m really honest. But I’ll let the bike-shedding up to the FP chap(ette)s! :wink:

I’m having more and more folks in our German language FB group accidentally installing this. As I haven’t got an FP2 myself and (logically) am not a beta tester, I cannot see the beta program members’ discussion. Is there a recent development that has made the beta update available without the known access mechanism?
(I figured out the mechanism myself when I had borrowed an FP2 from Fairphone recently)

I don’t know, if there is another mechanism.
Maybe it’s the impatient ones, that happen to “unlock” the beta-version accidentally? :wink:
And tbh, I would not put it beond me, that I might have installed it, not exactly realising it’s a beta with possible faults.

Without fiddling with the updater app (there’s ways of setting it to a “developer mode”), you’re not supposed to see this update.

I was once asked to try the beta to test a fix for a specific bug that I submitted through this forum. The message did not give me instructions for how to opt out of the beta again later. Eventually I asked on the forum and it was explained to me that I had to clear the cache of the Updater app. It could be that someone had a similar experience, minus the previous sentence.


you can try to install the google phone app from the store. For the other issue, the bugtracker gives this as workaround:
Current workaround
Wipe local data of the Contacts provider as follows:

Go to Settings > Apps
Enable Show system in dot-menu
Scroll down to Contacts Storage and open it
Go into Storage
Press CLEAR DATA and confirm
A reboot might be necessary.

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