Accessory for FP5, screen protector, shop links defective?

first of all, you cant order a FP5 and select both screen protectors to be added to the shopping cart

navigating additionally into the shop area, selecting accessories

and navigating to the second page thereof, the last item or so is the FP5 screen protector, which shows a “blue” dot and “grey” dot model, i guess they resemble the blue light filter and the privacy filter, even though no details given in selecting the dots in the first place, and the URLs themselves when clicking that item (those two variants) result in a mere 404

anyone care?

I guess at the moment, the shop is just overcharged with requests.

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Since we are talking about accessories already: It’s strange to offer the protective covers for 39€ while other online shops refer to the Fairphone promotions page where you can get a free cover if you send a photo of the invoice and the IMEI before end of September. At least when ordering at Fairphone directly it could be shipped directly with the phone instead of shipping one more parcel. But I won’t complain…


From my own experience (I bought my FP3+ from Vireo with the “Longevity Pack” deal – screen protector plus protective case), the accessories were also sent separately (not by the dealer, and several weeks after the phone itself).

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That wasn’t the case for my FP4. Got everything in one parcel. Didn’t preorder it though - it was already out when I bought it.

Thanks for mentioning that, didn’t know that! Any sources that show that you also get this promotion when ordering from Fairphone directly?

I just checked the complete terms and conditions again and saw the list of participating dealers:
Some of the retailers that I checked currently don’t even have the FP5 in their webshop. And most important: Fairphone themselves are not in that list.
@Marta_Artigas Can you explain the logic behind that? 39€ more or less isn’t nothing :confused: Is there any advantage for Fairphone if people don’t buy at your webshop directly?

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The promotions at your link have always been dealers only, not Fairphone themselves. Fairphone-only promotions are usually to be found at Fairphone Promotions and Offers - Fairphone. Fairphone profits from being available in a wide array of outlets, the deals are likely an important incentive for dealers to offer Fairphone in their shops.


AFAIK Fairphone had similar campaigns in the past where you were offered an accessory when buying at a retailer. I don’t know if that also applied for orders at the Fairphone shop, but I also wondered back then what would be the benefit for Fairphone if not.

You see, since I kept my FP2 for so long I hadn’t had to deal with any such promotions for years :wink: Thanks for pointing this out, being available in other shops obviously has some value for a brand. Should I really cancel my order now to save 39€? Hm…

As mentioned in other topics, I will be looking for some waterproof, shutterproof cases for FP5, and it seems the dimensions on the website are off, could you pls have a look? There is a difference between the description and the image.

I would like to experiment with some universal cases or those tailored to similar phones.

Hmm, you’re right, that’s weird. At first I thought the upper values were just rounded, but that doesn’t work out either.
But those universal waterproof cases are usually not fitted to your phones exact size anyway. So I guess if you just go with the bigger value in each dimension you should be safe, even if you don’t wait for Fairphone to figure out what went wrong here.

The description uses the FP4 dimensions, the picture should be right.


I ordered a transparent Fairphone 5, but there’s no transparent protective case to go with it. Hope there will become one available in the near future?

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I have just spotted one by mobilize at gomibo. Please note I have no experience with this company whatsoever though:)

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yes, it has been corrected now. Thanks:)

Thanks, good find! Also available from the netherlands, as is a brand of the dutch


Still hoping that Fiarphone will add a transparent one themselves though, since FP works with recycled materials and is fair made and I can’t find info on that regarding the Mobilize one.

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