Accessing Signal - unable to send sms for authentication

Hi everyone,

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question.

I installed Signal on my Fairphone with e/os. It worked fine for quite a good while, but recently I am unable to access it. I tried uninstalling it and adding it back on, but keep getting stuck on the step where Signal wants to send an sms to my phone for authentication. I keep getting the error message that Signal can’t access the network.

I updated Signal permissions to include sms/text messages and restarted the phone, but the problem persists. I also sent myself a text on the phone with the regular sms app and it works, so it’s nothing to do with the network not working.

Does anybody have any thoughts? I can’t link a new desktop Signal set up because I get stuck with this, but also not use it on the fairphone.

Many thanks!

Could it have something to do with this here? …

"This change will only affect you if you use Signal as your default SMS app on Android. Meaning that you use Signal on Android to receive and send both Signal and SMS messages from within the Signal interface.

If you do use Signal as your default SMS app on Android, you will need to select a new default SMS app on your phone. If you want to keep them, you’ll also need to export your SMS messages from Signal into that new app."

Thanks, so I am not using Signal as sms messenger. This issue crops up in relation to Signal not being able to send the authentication code to my phone default messaging service …

Update: I had to factory reset the phone to install the os update. A bit long winded, but it did the trick. I was able to receive the sms with the Signal code. All good and thanks for your help.


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