Access to SD card with Airdroid

Hi everybody!

I want to use the app Airdroid on my FP2 to exchange files between my phone and other devices. I use the local connection mode to do so.
However when I try to access my SD card from the browser page of Airdroid I can’t access the data on it. I can browse to /system/storage/sdcard1 but then it shows me an empty directory although I have lots of files on my SD card.
This is strange as it used to work before. Unfortunenately I can’t say what change I did that could have caused this problem. :frowning:
I have FPOOS installed together with XPrivacy - I checked already the permissions I gave to Airdroid. SD permission is given.

Are there people here who use Airdroid and can maybe help me?
Thanks for any help!

Hi, I use airdroid with my fp1, and it works fine. Perhaps this hint may help you: when you open “Files” within Airdroid, there is a place “add external SD card”. Try that. If you don’t find you SD card, try it with “/system/storage/sdcard2”.

Hope this helps you!

Hey wow, now it’s working! I clicked on the external SD link in the file browser and a window popped up where I could set the path to my SD card. That never happened before, don’t really know what I did wrong in the former tries.
Anyways thanks a lot for pointing me into the right direction! :slight_smile:

Hi, I am glad for you that it worked this time. Happy fairphoning! ; )

Thanks, same for you! :slight_smile:

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