About the Guides category

Welcome to the new Guides category. :slight_smile:

Here you’ll find lots of helpful articles about everything related to Fairphone.

What is a Wiki?

Most, but not all #wiki’s are found here and most posts here are wikis. You’ll recognize them by the green background color. Everybody can edit and improve these posts. Just click the pencil symbol in the top right corner of a wiki post. If you write a new guide contact @paulakreuzer or another Moderator to have it turned into a wiki.

Why are all these topics closed for comments?

All topics in this category consist of just 1 post. This ensures that the list of topics is ordered by the up-to-datedness of the actual guide and not by the time of the last reply.
If you want to discuss a guide please check if there is already a #wikimetadiscussion for it or start a new topic in #discuss:the-forum. You can also do that if you want to get input before writing your first guide.

How do I quickly link to a guide here?

Lots of guides here have unique tags so you can quickly link to them (including all the #dictionary entries). To e.g. refer someone to the #blackscreenguide just start typing #bla (not at the very beginning of a new line) and a popup will suggest it to you. For dictionary entries it’s best to ignore the dic:-part. So, e.g. enter #hard to get #dic:hardreset suggested.