About IMEI database

Hello there;

Does anybody knows if an IMEI database exist please ?
like i put my Fairphone IMEI and the DB answer “stolen”, “legit” or “unknown” ?

i didn’t find anything about this on the web, so i’m asking here;
it will be useful if it exists, and simple to build, less time-lost for the team and for customers, and great tool for do our things by ourselves

like when somebody want to buy a second-hand FP he just ask the database in a minute with the seller IMEI and immediately knows if he can buy the phone or just stop wasting time and get another offer;
i think it also can be useful for insurance :slight_smile:

thanks for some informations o/

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Fairphone keeps a list of Fairphones reported as stolen … or at least they used to, I don’t really know the current state.

However, you will need to individually contact Fairphone Support to verify if a used Fairphone is on the list or not.


yeah i contacted them the 23th, but no answer :o
that’s why i’m asking about a DIY database tool; more fast and more simple for everybody :slight_smile:

[edit] i also tried to register the FP2 into the website, because i got some parts to buy for it, but it seems i can’t ^^

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i just receive an answer from the team;
they said my FP2 does not appears stolen \o/

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Nice idea. But who would guarantee that the information stored in the DB is accurate??


hi, interesting question;
maybe with the same way of actually (with the Fairpone Team);

then if a Fairphone is stolen the owner has to declare it to the police;
so in this case we can add the IMEI to the stolen-DB because he can prove the fact with the police paper.

it could be a database “by default” like:
“stolen” (by proving it),
“unknown status” or
“legit” (because the owner buy his FP through the Fairphone website or official sellers);

but i think we can’t ask every owners to prove they are legit with their second-hand bills (can we? if destroying the privates bill after adding IMEI into the “legit” DB ?)

But then, the database has to be maintained, by requesting and checking documents. This means personnel in addition to the ones that are working on the IT infrastructure.
Who should do it and pay for it, if it’s not a FP thing.

And to keep such a database accurate would be even more work, as it would include getting back to the owners to check if the phone was retrieved etc.
And how do you make people file a report for a lost or stolen phone with the database?

While the idea really is great, I doubt, that it will be possible to achieve an improvement to the status quo right now.

You could set a PIN for your IMEI.

Which would prove what then?

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