A story about fairphone5 and water

Hello folks, here’s a story about fairphone5 and water, in case it helps anyone…

TLDR; Happy ending: My fairphone 5 fall in the toilet, after dismantling, drying by towel, and leaving in a warm place over night, it works without issue.

Here’s fun part of story. I took my phone to toilet at night. As I’m not huge fan of bright lights, I didn’t turn on the light. When I finished my business, I flushed, put my phone next to sink, in a bad way that it slipped and fell, making a splash sound. Panicked, and dumb as I was, I pressed the toilet flush instead of the light switch. After a second in shock, I turned on the light and rescued my phone out of the toilet.

I wrapped it in a towel as quick as I can, dried outside thoroughly. Pressed the power button, and it was still on. Then I removed the battery and put it in a big bowl of rice. After a while I thought I should shake it creating inertia for water to go out of the phone, it seemed there was quite some water inside, as it kept coming.

Finally I realized that I have a fairphone and I can completely dismantle it. (Thanks for ✏ How to handle water damage )

At that point, I rested it on a lint-free towel, dismantled the display piece, removed cover of top module (exposing cameras) and removed the bottom module. Every piece had water inside. I don’t know how worse I made it by shaking it, and what would happen if I dismantled it immediately.

I dried each piece removing all visible water signs, then I put a thick towel on top of heater, and put all components in some glass containers on a towel, letting it air over the night. There was no visible heat where the phone was, but it was overall warmer then rest of my place.

In the morning, I reinspected it, and put it back together. I was quite worried with cameras getting dust, as there seemed to be a tiny speck on the main lens, I blew it with a syringe removing anything visible. Similarly I cleaned inside the lens cap.

After power on, everything seem to work fine, camera quality not affected as far as I can tell…

In hindsight, I should have not kept in on, shaken it, or waste time with rice. I also probably should have waited longer as it mentions in the

A note to fairphone folks, an official video on what to do in this situation would be most welcome. (I couldn’t find if there is one)


Welcome to the Fairphone community and thank you for sharing your experience.

I’m not aware of an official video, but there is a waterwiki:


Indeed this was the link that prevented me from doing further stupid things, and I’m thankful for it… :joy: