A question to all Signal (former Redphone) users: Can you place secure calls?

I have a question to all users of the app Signal (former Redphone) who run on Fairphone’s OS (yes, I’m talking to you, @madde :wink:). Can you place secure calls?

I’m asking because, surprise surprise, most of the time I can’t. I have just performed a hard reset, so all installations are fresh - still, about 9 out of 10 times Signal calls won’t work.

When that happens, often the first call is established (the ping sound emerges) but I can’t hear anything (nor the recipient can). In subsequent attempts a strange screen appears, without any information about the recipient:

I’m trying to find out if it’s related to our OS so I can make a better-informed bug report. So please share your experiences with me if you will.

I filed this into the Café category for now, as it is not about Software maintained by Fairphone. If we find out that it is indeed a misbehaviour of Fairphone OS, it will be moved back.

sorry, not using FP OS. Best thing would be to get a debug log and report it on github.

So on which OS is it working then, @madde? Can you confirm that secure calls work on your OS (I presume CM?)

I already did, but I’d like to know whether all (regular) Fairphone users are affected. If so, this would hint at a problem with our OS, wouldn’t it?

I know, mentioning you was meant as an exemption.

I updated from former Redphone App and can place calls as before and it works fine for me. It has, and had before, sometimes difficulties to place a call, depending if the remote does other things on its phone or if it’s idle, probably also on network connectivity between the phones and the server.

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Haven’t thoroughly tested it, but so far it seems to work.


It works for me as well! (FP1 with FP OS and signal 3.3.1)

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Thanks guys. Yeah, 3.3.1 includes a commit that addresses certain problems with calls. The last times I checked, I could place calls successfully, too. Besides, before that, other devices seem to have been affected as well, not just our favourite gadget.

EDIT: Just now I ran into severe problems again.

so far I have had no problems with both sending text and placing calls.

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