A-GPS not working (v1.8)

@Jerry: As I understand it, yes. EPO data files means that your phone don’t need to get all information from scratch on the slow gps connection, but a-GPS helps to get more information about your present location faster (over 3G). a-GPS is explained in detail here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assisted_GPS
As keesj wrote above: getting a positon from scratch can take time, even up to 10-12 minutes. With fresh EPO files stored, less than a minute. With a-GPS, 15 seconds or so.
That’s my experience as well. I can run a speedview app in my car without data connection turned on, and with EPO files I get a fix in a minute or so. With data enabled it’s noticeerably faster.

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Ah, thanks for explaining guys. Since the download URL was moved, I assume the FP1-EPO Autoupdate is not needed anymore then. So I uninstalled the FP1-EPO Autoupdate and have GPS EPO assistance re-enabled then.

But I still do not get a GPS fix, even after 20 minutes. These are my settings:

  • Fairphone FP1 on v1.8
  • WiFi disabled
  • Data connection enabled
  • GPS EPO assistance on with autodownload
  • A-GPS on with the Network request option on and for the Network used option I selected the home network only.

I spotted this warning in the A-GPS settings under MOBILE NETWORK which says

SIM1 is Active
A-GPS needs to access the mobile network via data connections

Huh? I do not understand this warning. I have WiFi disabled and data connection enabled, so mobile network should be accessible. Any clues?

If you disable your WiFi, you can’t connect to your home network.
As you selected the A-GPS to work only with your home network, you never will get an GPS-fix.

Oh, do I have to select home and roaming network both under A-GPS?

@Lidwien I don’t think home network refers to a WiFi network but to the network of your 3G provider.

@michaelheuberger I get the same message as you so I assume it doesn’t mean anything is wrong. Try disabling EPO and see if you get a fix then.

My settings, that practically always gives a fix within 15 seconds, are:
EPO assistance enabled
EPO auto download disabled (on principle I always disable autodownloads)
A-GPS enabled
in A-GPS settings, all boxes are unticked except ‘Network Request’.
I get the same message at the bottom as mentioned by @michaelheuberger, but I read this as information, not as a warning.

Maybe an impertinent question, but: you are outdoor when testing, right? Getting a fix indoors can take ages or fail completely. On the other hand, one seldom needs GPS navigation when inside a building…
Cars can be tricky, too. Preferably your phone should be mounted close to the windscreen.

And yes, I share @Jerry’s belief: 'Home network* can be your wifi or your provider’s mobile data network. If you choose ‘only under home network’, I gues that a-gps will not work when roaming.

@Jerry [quote] I don’t think home network refers to a WiFi network but to the network of your 3G provider.[/quote]

Oh, you could be right. Sorry for my mistake.

You must first download and install Fdroid on your Fairphone.
Then on your Fairphone you go to the app Fdroid and in the app search for FP1-EPO Autoupdate.
On the link you can find more information how to install.

As keesj indiciated in an earlier post, switching from ftp to http for the EPO data server might mean that the FP1 EPO download app is no longer necessary.
I tried the inbuilt download function (in the location settings/EPO settings menu) today, and data files updated instantly, something that has never happened earlier.
I won’t uninstall the extra downloader app yet, though…