A gimbal that works with Fairphone

I would like to discuss using a gimbal with the Fairphone, but could not work out which forum to post to. Just in case there are other people here who are also interested in this topic I thought I put a peg in the ground to get it started with these thoughts.

I bought a cheep “made in China” Gimbal and had to adapt it to take my FP3. Still a few issues with it and quite probably there are more suitable gimbals out there. I would love to hear experiences form others…

My main reason for using a gimbal is so I can make videos while I walk about. My first attempt… a lovely walk with my dog in the forest failed, because the sound was blocked from getting to the microphone and I didn’t realize until I got home.

I then modified the gimbal (again) cutting an audio passage in the rubber padding as shown and it works better, but a lot of wind noise.

I then took my dog for a walk round the block and here is the result. You will see it’s quite stable despite the fact I was walking and giving hand signals to her.

Note: I don’t want to post if this topic is not appropriate here, so I will just leave it at this for now. ‘shy-smile emoticon’.

Meh … doesn’t look like many are interested in using a gimbal but I did a video review of the one I bought using it with my FP3 here: Gimbal review and Lucy finds the beach

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