A few questions, before buying a fairphone

So far I couldn’t find an answer to the following questions below:

  1. How long does the battery last for (average hours/ similar to iphone 4s)?
  2. the phone has two sim cards: So if I would like to have one sim for my business and the other one for private, is there an option to switch off the ie business sim in my free time or do I need to remove the sim card? Is it possible to have both sim cards on at the same time and when a call comes in, do you see from which sim it is coming or how does it work?
  3. How long is at the moment the average delivery time to Austria (Vienna)?

Thanks in advance for your answer!!!


  1. The battery lasts comparable to other smartphones, including the 4S. It does of course heavily depend on usage. Mine usually lasts about 2 days but some people say they can go 5 days on a single charge. They probably have WiFi and 3G disabled though.

  2. You can toggle SIMs on/off independently. I don’t know if you can see from what SIM a call originates though.

  3. Sorry, I have no idea :slight_smile:

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You can find out a bit more about the delivery timetable on this post

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different ringtone according to SIM: there is a thread here about this, with people confirming there is a dedicated app for this that does work on the Fairphone :

Otherwise I confirm the other answers, indeed I have a second SIM that I can turn completely off independently from the first, and to which I associated the data connections while the first one is for phone calls.

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Hi @FraniSi,

answering your question 1:

After some charging cycles my Fairphones battery lasts at least 2 days under heavy use and 3-5 days under not so heavy usage (1-2 phone calls a day, 20-30 minutes surfing or using Twitter).

The crucial question is: Do you want to use Google apps or not?

With Google apps installed you could expect a battery life of 1-2,5 days i think.



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Thanks for your helpful answers! I def will order now a fairphone :slight_smile:
I hope though it doesn’t take tooooo long :wink:

…still depending very much on your usage scenario.

Using GoogleMaps (with 3G + GPS) in a car to navigate, the battery drains quite fast. I experience usually a drain from aroung 90% to around 10% within 3.5-4 hours under such a scenario.

Using WiFi extensivly (occasionally checking some webpages with Firefox, phone automatically checking threema, twitter, e-mail and one news push app), listening to music with the pre-installed music app for 2-3h a day while phone is set to 2G (GSM) only, I experience a 1-1.5 day battery life now. (However, WiFi connectivity is very poor, I have to reconnect often. The access point is in another building across the street. Perhaps this drains the battery.)

Using GoogleMaps (with 3G + GPS) in a car to navigate, the battery
drains quite fast. I experience usually a drain from aroung 90% to
around 10% within 3.5-4 hours under such a scenario.

I think turning one’s phone into a turn-by-turn GPS definitely drain batteries as the screen stays always on: I do use it like this, but apart for short travels, in such cases I plug an USB adapter in the car to maintain it on.
And I believe this situation will be the same for all phones today; only tablets (with a larger battery) can withstand hours of “screen on” status…

Possibly true. Never tried another smartphone, though. ^^

on turn-by-turn GPS use and power drain: I used my FF yesterday for this during 1/2 hour (2 SIMcards on, GPS on, wifi on) and from the battery state estimator I see this 1/2h activity drained almost half a day of autonomy (passing from 3.5d to 3).
This sounds reasonable when compared to my previous GPS phones which basically died when continuously used in a trip just a couple of years ago :slight_smile:

Checking the power usage now and then really helps. I noticed that Telegram used 67% of the battery while I never even used it. It probably kept on checking for updates while I didn’t have a wifi connection, but I still hate stuff like that. I now regularly check which app is using the most power.

Where does it say how much power each app uses? In settings > battery I only see
Cell standby
Phone idle