A few changes in the categories structure

Dear Forum members,
You may have already noticed a few changes were applied to the forum structure today :slight_smile: Indeed, with the release of the Fairphone 4, we thought about a few improvements.

  • To simplify the forum structure and make it clearer, we have deleted the DiscussFairphone 1, 2 and 3 categories after having moved all topics in DiscussThe Products.
    Please now consider any topic in DiscussThe Products about specific Fairphone models should have corresponding model tags (#fp1, #fp2, #fp3 and #fp4). One topic can of course have multiple tags.
  • We have renamed the Help → FPX categories to Help → Fairphone X as for easier understanding.
  • To address the new dive, we have also created a a #help:fairphone4 category.
  • We have renamed the Market categories to Offer and Search only, and deleted the Swap and Giveaway categories. Choice is now simpler :slight_smile:

Of course we highly welcome feedback and suggestions, just comment below or send us a message! :slight_smile:

Your community moderators


Appreciate the heavy lifting you are all doing.


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