A fair and environmentally friendly MP3 player

Hi, does anyone know if there are any fair and environmentally friendly MP3 players, and if there are, where to get one?

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How much do you want to spend and what specs are you looking for.

I have a ten year old phone that does exactly that as it has no Wi-Fi calling, which is essential for calls where I reside.

Thanks, I merely need to be able to listen to radio programs and podcasts.

Via Wi-Fi, you don’t want to connect via a SIM

The reason I ask is that if you are concerned about Fairtrade, there are few options so buying an old fairphone may be OK

However it doesn’t have an FM radio so the radio will have to be Internet via Wi-Fi etc.

There’s a German company called Shift that may have some options in terms of FM radio

I actually merely mean podcasts. I will among other things listen to downloaded radio programs. I wasn´t clear enough. So, I don´t need any connection to a broadcast.


Are you searching for an App or a real “hardware MP3 player” ? I guess those have become obsolete the past few years, as the smartphones do this, so I doubt that anything “fair” exist here, other than finding something second hand.

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I´m searching for a hardware MP3 player. Yes, I have also heard that. However, at Amazon there are many. But it´s time consuming to to go through many items and the products at Amazon probably don´t have these properties. And yes, second hand is also an alternative to me.

… or a second hand one, I guess.

You just made my trusty Archos Key 4 GB very, very sad :frowning: .


just seeing @mb525474 moving around with this :joy: (because I thought about a MP3 Player “to go” :wink: )

Indeed it seems rebuy in Germany has several second hand

:smiling_face_with_tear: sorry


The desired size wasn’t specified yet :wink: .

I know this was just in my head :wink:

Did you mean rebuy in general or is there a marketplace in Germany with that name?

I dont know where you live and if rebuy is available in your country, therefore I mentioned Ger…

My child loves it’s Hörbert, but beware:
Only the newest generation of Hörbert is able to play webradio, for the older one you have to load everything on an SD-card (and I think even the web radio address has to be stored on the SD card with the new version). The software for preparing the SD cards is rather complicated.

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I haven´t heard about rebuy in Sweden. There are second hand marketplaces, though. In order to avoid transport, that is better, but it´s not very far to Sweden from Germany.

Thanks, actually, what I had in mind was using an SD-card in the MP3 player and a USB cable to get the files. But I can see that hörbert is rather large and I intend to use it on the move.

Why don’t you just use a random old smartphone with WiFi, Bluetooth (or audio jack), USB-port and maybe a micro-SD card?

For MP3s I’m using VLC Player and for radio streams the App “RadioDroid” from F-Droid app store.
No tracking, no advertisements and it does what it should do.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I prefer not to have another smartphone.

I guess the Hörbert was a joke of @AnotherElk anyway, but for everyone who wants to give some Player to children, I can warmly recommend it :wink: It’s robust, repairable and has no need to communicate with a server and tell an obscure company what your children listen to.

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Why? It came closest to the given criteria at the time of posting.