7 Screen Protector FP2 in Deutschland

Ich habe 7 Screenprotector für das FP2 zu verschenken.
Hat jemand Interesse?

Viele Grüße



I would be interested in the pack, if you would agree shipping it to France.
I would just be interested to know a bit more about the protector itself? Is it tempered glass, or perhaps silicon? Matte or shiny? Could you send a photo of it set on a screen?

I would ship to France by letter, yes :slight_smile:
I cant remember the Details of the Protecter while i used them. Its been a while.
Here is the Amazon Page: smile.Amazon.de

As i dont have a FP2 anymore (I have an FP3+ now), i can not send you a Picture with the Protector on a Phone.

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Hallo, falls die screenprotector noch da sind, habe Interesse.

Viele Grüße Thomas

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