5G protocol Italian phone companies

I am considering to buy fair phone 4 or 5 and living in Italy.
My phone company (ILIAD) has a list of mobile models compatible with “their” 5G protocol. What should I check to be sure that fair phone would work with it?

The 5G frequency band used by your provider in your country is the most important thing. Since you’re in Italy it’s probably n78.

My guess is you’ll be fine with both phones all across the EU, but there has been some confusion about the FP5’s support of this wireless band, since the Qualcomm hardware it uses does support the n78 frequency band, but it’s not explicitly listed in the FP5’s specification - but that’s most probably an editorial oversight, since most of Fairphone’s customers are in countries where this frequency band is very widely used for 5G.

I suggest you google something like ‘5g wireless band [provider name]’ or ‘5g frequency band [provider name] Italy’ and compare the result against the phone’s technical specification. But as I said - I wouldn’t worry to much about support in Italy.

Wikipedia lists n28 for the provider ‘Iliad’ in Italy:

That one is listed as supported on both the FP4 as well as the FP5 according to the linked sources.


Thank you very much for your reply, unfortunately it is not easy to get certain information from the customer service (call centre): I will be looking for anyway.
I am sure FP is compatible, but probably, as it is not in the list of compatible models, in case of technical problems (highly unlikely) the provider will disclaim any responsibility.

Ciao Valerio e benvenuto.
No so risponderti con precisione: io ho un FP4 e uso Fastweb (5G) e Very (4G).
Scrivo solo per dire che di Very uso una esim e il FP4 non era indicato tra i dispositivi compatibili ma mi è andata bene. In generale mi sembra che i Fairphones non siano citati non per motivi di incompatibilità ma di diffusione.

Hello Valerio and welcome to the forum.
Not to reply, only my thoughts.
I have an FP4 and a Very mobile esim. Fairphone was not listed for compatibility with Very but I was lucky. I think Fairphone devices are not listed because of their poor distribution not for their incompatibility.


Here what I found for ILIAD

N28 (700 MHz) 2x10 MHz
N78 (3700 MHz) 20 MHz
N257 (26 GHz) 200 MHz

The n257 band is not supported by FP5 as recently confirmed by a Fairphone employee in this post:

With the other two (n28, n78) you will be fine though.

Both bands n28 and n78 are supported by Fairphone 5 and Fairphone 4 :wink:


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