5g Network not working with Telekom Germany after A.127 update

Freq is show in NetMonster

That’s as german as it gets. Atleast for me i bought the fairphone because its the right thing to do and i want to support what the company stands for. But you have to live with the consequences of buying a phone from a small company. I mean we have a work around, which is fine. The whole problem is really annoying, as other i pay 3€ each month to get 5G network access. my old pixel 5 ran better than the FP 5 but still i still choose to get the FP5. Of course we paid a lot of money for the phone but we should cut them some slack. Let’s enjoy the holiday’s and hope the Fairphone team will be hard at work to fix the problem next year and be open about the communication. Lets be nice to each other :slight_smile:


I really hope for the update this week. And deactivate 5G could be only a solution for a short time. Fairphone is lucky to be so small. What would you think how big the shitstorm will be, if the big players Samsung or Apple, release a update after that all German Telekom Users must deactivate 5G to use mobile data? Such things happen that is not the problem. The problem is the communication and the to long time to fix such a critical fault. For the communication it would be nice to get some information “we work on it” is not enough. If i become the information that the update at the end of the week fix the problem the frustration level would be much lower :wink: .

Same problem with a freenet SIM for Deutsche Telekom. The biggest problem is that the phone is not falling back to 4G or 3G if it can’t establish a stable connection to 5G, instead it’s disconnecting completely. For me this is a second big firmware bug. And it’s draining the battery extremely fast while trying to reconnect to 5G.
I don’t get the impression that Fairphone is taking the problem particularly seriously. If the fix is really that complicated, they could have at least offered those affected a roll back over the holidays.

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You cant roll back via OTA.

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you can yourself disable 5G, info is in this thread, but in german and one place i write it here

I asked on their Twitter about when this will be resolved and they responded:
“Hi :blush: the issue mentioned is expected to be solved through the newest update, so please look out for it! :blue_heart:

So it looks like affected users will just skip the december update and it’ll be fixed in the January update.
I’ll wait with installing it when it comes out, just in case.


The next update is the Dezember Security Update which is expected for this week (Someone of the Fairphone Team wrote that in another Thread). The question is why the support team write me that there is no shedule when it is fixed. That is what i mean with the communication point. It could be better :slight_smile: .


Its not mentioned in the release notes, however the 1 beta user with german telekom who faced some issues with mobile data connection (when leaving Wlan) has reported its solved, so maybe 5G is usable again.

I don’t get the update yet. If the 20% rule per day as for the Fairphone 4 is used, i will hopefully get it soon. When i get the update, i will report if the 5G connection work again.

December Sec Update changed nothing. Still connection loss once you get into a 5g cell. Then erratic attempts to sign into the cell with immediate disconnect.
Soooo… maybe the January Update?
Communication from Fairphone is a real desaster, if they announce a fix with the next update but don’t tell which update they think of.

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Ok when i get the update and it is not fixed this was it for Fairphone for me. They patched something that worked into something that don’t work. Then the E-Mail of the the Fairphone support is right. There is no shedule when this fault is fixed. @FrancescoSalvatore can you say where the problem is? Why you don’t fix this problem?

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Installed the newest December patch but unfortunately it didn’t fix thr 5G Bug for me.

I understand your disappointment, but at least the update neither has changes that weren’t mentioned in the release notes, nor is there anything promised in the release notes that in the end isn’t in the update.
@FrancescoSalvatore mentioned that the faulty update was stopped for a specific German carrier (most probably Telekom). I wonder if anyone can confirm that for the A.127 or A.131 update. I’m on a different carrier, so I’m just following this from the grandstand.

If you are bought the phone for anything more than the pure phone you should probably give them somewhat more time. Even “unfair” companies can do much worse: I have a ticket at Spotify because they managed to destroy a functionality late this summer. They have never really confirmed the issue (difference No. 1), never confirmed that they are working on it (difference No. 2), gave no timeline at all, in summary their response was “keep your app updated and your fingers crossed”. The issue is still open and they ask for more money from next year on.
It’s holiday time currently and many people who didn’t spend their vacation days throughout the year took them in December, that might explain the unlucky situation with Fairphone currently.

Thank you for testing and confirming that the problem still exists. I had already set a deadline for today and will now cancel the contract. I am extremely disappointed with Fairphone. A miserable communication, not even an attempt at a solution. If I want to take care of my phone myself, I can continue to compile and programme Lineage OS.

What good is exchangeable hardware if the software doesn’t play along?

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I bought the phone because of the qualcomm chipset, which can use the 5G NSA Low Band and B3/n1 band combination. One, the important one B3/n1, i can’t use at the moment. If the December Update don’t fix it like the others said, i can’t use this for more than a month, that is to long. I was patient give the support all information that they asked for, even more for example a test cell location. I called the support at day one after the faulty patch and give them detailed information. Now my patience come to an end, and i want a answer why they don’t fix it as soon as possible.


Because it takes time to solve the problem without making things worst for others?

Because people are on vacations at the time of the year ?

Because of something else ?

And so what ?

Ok that is the picture i have of Fairphone now. Thanks for this answer.

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Yes, treating employees fairly is one of the aspects of Fairphone. Having a monthly release cycle is challenging. Now we got a bad mistake introduced at a very bad time of the year. While everyone would have hoped to have a fix as soon as possible I could really imagine people being off with planned vacations. Fixing such an issue might require canceling vacations for some employees and having them work overtime while most other people sit under the Christmas tree, scroll on their phones and worry about the best radio access technology not being available.
We are all just speculating, but from my own experience in software development I know that tiny changes often have quite some dependencies and thus require quite some effort to be brought into a software release.
The communication however could have been better indeed…


It is okay for me if this takes time.
I sometimes also have IT projects to manage. Test procedures, test controls, sandbox pre-test, all that little time-thieving going on.
And this is not Samsung with thousands of programmers. All okay for me. My 5g-contract costs 5 Euros extra per month, if i cannot afford that, i should have bought some Samsung Axx-Series.
I bought Fairphone for the FAIR, and for being able to repair it.
But sending an email to their german customers or at least give an official feedback in THE Fairphone forum… Well, is this such difficult?

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