5G Network issues Norway

Hi, all!

I’ve been experiencing this in Norway as well. I see some of you talk about a “known LTE workaround”. It’s not known to me. I have turned off the phone’s ability to connect to 5G, but it still does not connect to any mobile broadband network.


That sounds like a different issue. You should probably start a new topic with details about your provider/carrier, e-SIM or physical SIM (and its age), usability of the SIM in a different phone and maybe you could try a SIM of a different provider and report back the result.


Created a new topic for this.

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And that happens the since when? After an update or from the beginning? Did you check the APN settings for your provider?


I booted up the phone for the first time yesterday, and it has not been working. It worked fine in my previous phone. I will check the APN settings.

There is of course always a small chance that the phone you got is broken. Therefore it is important to exclude that as far as possible. You wrote it won’t connect to any mobile broadband network. So how about 2G/Edge? Can you call with it? Do WiFi connections work and can you use WiFi calling (that would at least tell a little bit about the SIM card)?

And as mentioned earlier: If you can borrow a different SIM on a different network that might give us some indication as well. Last but least you can of course contact support, but that’ll take some time then, I fear.
I understand that when buying a new phone you just want to use it and not go through all the hassle of finding out why it doesn’t work first. That’s not a good first impression, but all in all the FP5 has proven to be pretty reliable so far, so I’m almost sure it must be some minor detail.

Both me and my wife are using FairPhone 5 with different providers here in Norway. No problems here :slight_smile:.

It’s probably a problem with your APN settings. It might be a problem with your sim card too. I’ve experienced a provisioning error with my provider once, which made me loose 5G.