5G High Band and heat

There have been a few issues related to heat as reason why various issues arise and here is a link to a US article on how 5G can be a problem.

Though of course 5G is not the same as 5GHz and the issue is more to do with the high frequency bands. And as these bands become higher then it would seem the issue will worsen.

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It’s worth noting the article is from the summer of 2019, covering early 5G devices.
While the general issue will not go away, I would expect devices in the meantime mitigating this better.
And even if the technical mitigation amounts to a device falling back to 4G, that should be a First World problem, at least as long as 4G is still around.

(I don’t have a 5G device yet, I’m not entirely in the loop, I didn’t find anything catastrophic and recent in the internet quickly.)


Yes, I remember overheating was an issue in early 5G modems. I don’t know for sure, but I think this has been fixed/alleviated since.

All I know is my FP4 (on 5G) does heat up (a little) when used for a while as a mobile hotspot, but that could bei either the 5G part, the WiFi one, or the added influence of both.
It does not heat up (at least noticeably) when downloading something big onto the phone.

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