5G drains battery

I think this is interesting, how choosing an APN can influence battery live:

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Today I triggered a Google Carrier Service update (release date 12.9.2023). When I saw the update, I suddenly remembered that there were better times with 5G and that after an update of this “app” (along with others though) it got really bad. (Strange I did not remember that until had this trigger for my memory… .) I will turn on 5G again and let you know.

nope still bad battery life :frowning:

I made the same experience. My phone was migrated from UPC to Sunrise (Switzerland), unfortunately at the same day as I got a System-Update for my FP4. Up to this day, my battery needed charging every third day, after that, I needed to charge it every day. Then I realized, that I was now on 5G, so I changed to 4G (or LTE), and now the battery lasts again most of the time for three days (I don’t use it that much).

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Is there anybody with an FP5 that also observes this or does it only concern the FP4?

Same here, Galaxus Mobile and FP4